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Introduction to R: Glossary - Introduction to R for metagenomics

Key Points

First Steps on R
  • R is a programming language

  • RStudio is a useful tool for script writing and data-management.

  • A variable can temporarily store data.

R Data Types
  • R uses different types of data to store information.

Data Frame Manipulation
  • Data-frames contain multiple columns with different types of data.

Making Graphs with ggplot2
  • The library ggplot2 creates plots that help/remarks the data analysis.

  • Creativity is welcome to explore and present your data.

  • Libraries in R allow us to have sets of functions specialized in a global purpose.

Finding Help on R
  • Help ? shows useful information about the functions you inquire.

Glossary - Introduction to R for metagenomics

Represents the set of properties or methods that are common to all objects of one type
An instruction telling a computer program to perform a specific task.
Text written in a script that is not treated as code to be run, but rather as text that describes what the code is doing. These are usually short notes, often beginning with a # (in many programming languages, R included)
data frame
A two-dimensional data structure for storing tabular data in memory. Rows represent records and columns represent variables(vectors).
Short for “double-precision floating-point number”, meaning a 64-bit numeric value with a fractional part and an exponent.
A number that can be written without a fractional component
A vector that can contain values of many different (heterogeneous) types.
mock data
fictional data which is artificially inserted into a piece of software.
nautical chart
A map that depicts the configuration of the shoreline and seafloor.It provides water depths, locations of dangers to navigation, locations and characteristics of aids to navigation, anchorages, and other features. It was widely used by mariners!
Nikolai Medtner
Russian composer and pianis. Listen to some of his compositions
A data structure that has some methods and attributes.
A symbol that tells the programm to perform specific mathematical, relational or logical operation and produce final result
The result given by the program to the user.
R (Programming language)
A popular open-source programming language used primarily for data science.
An amazing Japanese rock band.
The practice of describing and documenting research results in such a way that another researcher or person can re-run the analysis code on the same data to obtain the same result.
A software application with integrated facilities for the use of R language
Synonymous with program. Sequence of instrutions that is interpreted or carried out by a program.
variable (data)
Some attribute of a population that can be measured or observed.
vector (data structure in R)
Sequences of elements of the same basic type. Vectors are the fundamental data structure in R