Etherpad Teaching notes

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Teaching notes

Teaching notes for Good Enough Practices using the Etherpad template.


  • Etherpad link - names in Etherpad
  • Text editor open on PC

15m Introduction

  • Read out: Overview of episodes to be taught
  • Discussion using etherpad: what goes wrong & right in research computing
  • Read out: Good news: everyone has these problems

35m Data management

  • Read out & show comic strip: Introduction, ask for show of hands on experience
  • Discussion using etherpad: data management problems
  • Exercise using etherpad: backup solutions
  • Read out: solutions + followup text
  • Discussion using etherpad: file formats
  • Discussion with partner: analysis friendly data - Show table examples
  • Read out: record steps to process data, use unique identifiers
  • Discussion with groups: sharing data with world
  • Read out: DOIs and summary

35m Software

  • Read out & show tweet screenshot: Introduction, ask for show of hands on experience
  • Discussion using etherpad: what can go wrong with research software
  • Read out & exercise: code commenting
  • Read out: what is a function? example of pseudocode
  • Exercise: pseudocode function - text editor on PC
  • Read out: duplication, meaningful names
  • Exercise: naming function - text editor on PC
  • Read out: notes & summary

25m Collaboration

  • Read out: Introduction
  • Discussion in groups: collaboration, afterwards bring up communication strategies & todo lists
  • Read out: README & CONTRIBUTING files & examples
  • Discussion on etherpad: what should be in a README?
  • Read out: what is sensitive data and how to handle it
  • Read out: re-use - licensing and citations

20m Project organization

  • Discussion in groups on etherpad: project organization what goes wrong
  • Exercise using text editor on PC: organize these files into a directory structure
  • Whole class discussion: what did people do that was similar, what was different?
  • Exercise on etherpad: file naming and sorting

25m Keeping track of changes

  • Introduction & comic
  • Exercise on etherpad: has this ever happened to you?
  • Read out: recommendations
  • Whole class discussion: what should be documented when you change something?
  • Read out: manual versioning vs version control systems
  • Whole class discussion: show example changelogs from git repos on screen, discuss what makes them good, what could be improved?
  • Read out: What shouldn’t go in version control